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"Christmas in Hogwarts: The time of tea, magician sweets and endless hours of playing Wizard's Chess"... ______________________ I confess: I used this floor before, but it made the bench technique possible and the scene probably could also take place in the great hall.

„‘Awfully sorry, boys, but I’ll have to put a Memory Charm on you now. Can’t have you blabbing my secrets all over the place. I’d never sell another book …’ Harry reached his wand just in time. Lockhart had barely raised his, when Harry bellowed, ‘Expelliarmus!’ Lockhart was blasted backwards, falling over his trunk. His wand flew high into the air; Ron caught it, and flung it out of the open window. ‘You’re in luck,’ said Harry, forcing Lockhart to his feet at wandpoint. ‘We think we know…

Inspired by workshysteve's great series (photography, NPU, minimalistic builds, and so on...) I wanted to start my own small series, escorting my beloved Harry Potter on his journey through several adventures. (...and keeping on improving my photography skills) #001 - Privet Drive No. 4 The place where things start, a few moments from Harry finding a special letter for HIM...!