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Oak Leaf Suet Bird Feeder - Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oak Leaf Suet Bird Feeder - Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Could do this with the plastic pots we all throw away/recycle

Are you looking for a way bird feeder attract birds to your home. If you want to make your own, then a DIY flower pot bird feeder is a perfect idea.

See-through birdhouse to go with the bird feeder on my window : )

This is cool if they actually nest in there! Window Nest Box- Backless bird house with suction cups for the window- you get to watch the birds and hopefully even see baby birds hatch!

Bird watching in your garden  ~  Feed them fresh fruit  ~  Baltimore Orioles love oranges and Cardinals love grapes

Bird watching - Feed them fresh fruit - Baltimore Orioles love oranges and Cardinals love grapes. Orioles love grape jelly too and if you put out either one, woodpeckers really like them too. Butterflies like them too.

DIY bird feeder. Easier, quicker version. Can try with toilet paper rolls as well as lids. Repurposing, less wasted.

Easy DIY bird feeder - gas station to go cup lids! Could totally use the lids off of the oatmeal containers or other plastic lids. Read that we ALL must ADD cornmeal which assists the birds in swallowing the peanut butter & not CHOKING.

garden art bird feeders. I have a couple chick feeders I can turn into hanging bird feeders. LOVE this!

How to recycled glass bird feeder. Attract birds with the beautiful color, texture and shape of glass and add some functional garden art to your yard.

Vintage coffee pot repurposed into a birdhouse

15 Smart Recycling Ideas for Making Unique Birdhouses

Yellow Porcelain Enamel Coffee Pot Birdhouse - I don't think I can spare one of mine for a bird house 😨

Squirrel In A Jar Feeder. May not keep them away from the bird feeder but at least they'll provide me w/some entertainment.

How to Build a Squirrel Feeder Jar

A squirrel feeder is a way to attract more wildlife to your backyard or private garden. It's simple to make and will bring squirrels. Not only will it attract these adorable creatures, it will keep them from going after the birds in your bird feeders.

Bird Bath

Bird Bathtub The perfect gift for your feathered friend! Our Bird Bathtub is for those birds in your backyard that yearn for some privacy. This carefully detailed bathtub is made of cast resin.

DIY Orange Bird Feeder 2

Great for Orange Bird Feeder: 1 orange; 4 pieces of string cut into lengths; bird seed ~ With a sharp knife, cut the orange in half and scoop out the flesh. Pierce 4 small holes on oppo (How To Make Christmas)