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~ 10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Meditation [Infographic] ~  #start_meditating #meditate #meditation

20-minute yoga workout for complete beginners


"the lord doesn't always come when we call him, but he always comes on time." - a year of powerful prayer

USA psychology programs directory. See following link. http://www.all-about-psychology.com/psychology-degree.html -  #psychology #PsychologyDegree

All About Psychology -- A psychology website designed to help anybody looking for detailed information and resources.

domestic abuse: stop the cycle

Abusers choose to abuse. Don't suffer in silence. You are not to blame.

need to look at this everyday

18 Bites of Heart Candy

TO BE HAPPY. Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.

Isn't it funny how a stranger who was a stranger lady year, can mean do much to you now


Seja um homem mais produtivo em 2018 adotando 7 hábitos simples