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Thank you to the person that did this!!! I sing this all the time and have always had to just make it up!!

The minion banana song…

Funny pictures about The minion banana song. Oh, and cool pics about The minion banana song. Also, The minion banana song.

21 Things You're Not Going To Get For Christmas Again - 9GAG

21 Things You're Not Going To Get For Christmas Again

21 Things You're Not Going To Get For Christmas Again. Oh my gosh I remember playing with each and every single one of these toys. Literally my childhood

That is too funny! I wonder how many people dared to try the last two and succeed.

This Restaurant It’s Doing Things The Right Way

It's back to school time! While kids dread the end of summer, parents celebrate that wonderful first day of school freedom. 16 funny pics & memes, video of

Scary. This could create major unrest.

They will never let Steve, hear the end of it since that pageant mishap!

feb 18 national drink wine day - Google Search

Coffee and wine are like my life coaches - ecard - Funny Pictures & Funny jokes

Are you physically uncomfortable in bed? A too soft or too firm mattress, an uncomfortable pillow, or an older, worn-out bed can all impede a good night's sleep. Check your mattress for signs of wear at least twice a year, and consider new pillows.

For most people, insomnia must mean being unable to sleep for multiple nights, at a stretch. That is "acute" insomnia.