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Japanese Angled Root Cutter by Garrett Wade-Stick it in any hole in the ground that you need to clean up, push the blade against the root or stalk, and pull straight up, cutting the root cleanly with minimal fuss.

Japanese Angled Root Cutter

Japanese Angled Root Cutter by Garrett Wade

Improved Berger Buck Saw Fast cutting saw & quick blade change

Improved Berger Buck Saw

Traditional Japanese Brass Cased Knife  is beautiful & rugged

Brass Cased Knife

Traditional Japanese Brass Cased Knife is beautiful & rugged

Ninja Forearm Blade Knife @thistookmymoney

Ninja Forearm Blade Knife

Small Spinning Tops Terrific stocking stuffers

Holding the bottom, pull the string as hard as you can and then set the top down on a smooth surface - it will spin and spin for an incredibly long time before it topples over (we've consistently achieved 2 minutes) .

Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Brooms  - Garrett Wade

Heavy-Duty Garden & Garage Broom

This garden and garage broom does all sweeping jobs with ease. Made with Piassava bristles - a very stiff African palm product. It's tough and will last much longer than the synthetic brooms we usually see around

French Gardening Pruners Leather grips make them especially comfortable

French Gardening Pruners

One of my favorite gifts to gardener friends are these leather grip Pruners by Arno, France. The Hermes of Gardening!

Specialty Diggers All-steel, for a lifetime of real use

Specialty Diggers

Specialty Diggers by Garrett Wade

Recycle your wine barrel

Wine barrels, things to do with wine barrels, DIY wine barrel projects…