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Oh... Here's Jacqueline with her truly beloved German Shepherd 'Clipper'... A gift to her from Joe Sr.. Clipper slept at the foot of  Jackie's bed... <3 !

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy with Clipper, the German Shepard she received from father-in-law Joe Kennedy. (When Clipper came to the White House as a puppy, a reporter asked Jackie what she would feed him. She smiled and said "Reporters!

Ive always found this one of the more troubling pictures of Bobby. Apparently this was taken outside of the Capitol where his brother, President Kennedy, was lying in repose for public viewing.

A Very Devastated Bobby - Apparently This Was Taken Outside Of The Capitol Where His Assassinated Brother President John F Kennedy Was Lying In Repose For Public Viewing


and Jackie O - In the it became extremely popular for not only the women to have long, natural hair, but also for the men to have the same style. During this time, Jackie O was also a huge fashion icon.

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kennedywomen:  Happy Family

jackandjackie: “ The President-elect and first-family-in-waiting meet the press on the morning JFK is declared winner of the 1960 presidential election. John, his wife Jacqueline and their daughter.

John Jr and his cousin, Kerry Kennedy

I'm Kaitlyn and I love the Kennedy's (duh lol) Please ask any questions, I will try to.

On May 3, 1963, John, 2, and his sister, Caroline, 5, watch a Rose Garden ceremony honoring the nation's war heroes with nanny, Maud Shaw. Miss Shaw was told by Jackie's mother, Janet Auchincloss, to tell the children about their father's death. Later Miss Shaw learned that Jackie had wanted to be the one to tell them, and it caused a rift between the nanny and Mrs. Kennedy. Maud Shaw worked for the Kennedy's from December 1958 until May 1965 when she returned to England.

On May John, and his sister, Caroline, watch a Rose Garden ceremony honoring the nation's war heroes with nurse, Maud Shaw.


tomorrow is president’s day. i got in the spirit last year by posting some great pics of john f. kennedy (you can see them here). this year i figured i’d keep it in the family and sho…

Jfk walks with Caroline on November 25,1960. Dad is telling she has a new baby brother

President Elect, John F. Kennedy, Taking a Walk with Daughter Caroline and Her Doll Carriage by Bob Gomel

Kennedy ~~~ I didn't know that! But it explains why my mother has tears in her eyes every time she remembers JFK...

Kennedy didn't accept his Attorney General pay either.he also donated it all to charity. These two *liberal* men actually lived their convictions. **THATS WHY I ADMIRE THE KENNEDYS***