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He's so awkward and it makes me (dare I say it yet because I don't know if I can because oh my Matt) love him... I just said (wrote) that for the first time

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Project

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“Despite all the things we all experience, like heartbreak and pain, it takes being able to get through it to realize the beauty of life. All the negative makes you realize the things that matter. It puts the petty things in perspective.”

-- Jason Peters Sometimes it takes life turning things upside-down for us to take a better look. All the pain, all the heartbreak... they brought us here. Gain perspective from every experience. Do...

This spooky flooded quarry looks eerie at the best of times and several people have died in its icy waters. But turn this picture on its side and the reflection shows a skull grinning back. The image was taken by a diver who had just been into the quarry at Hodge Close, near Coniston in Cumbria. The site has claimed the lives of at least three divers over the years.

Smart, charismatic & rebellious, Gwen Stacey is the chief intern at Oscorp. But her life takes a complicated turn as she watches both her boyfriend, Peter, and her mentor, Dr. Connors, undergo radical transformations

Veronika Scott was challenged to make something that filled a need so she made a coat that turns to a sleeping bag for homeless people. She now employs homeless women and makes 600 of these coats a month to distribute free to the homeless.

Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland - A builder from California, who clearly has a massive love of cats, has turned his entire house into the perfect feline playground.