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Stop laughing at me!!  Get me down - who closed the door anyway?!!

Help me now!

Have you ever witnessed two cats playing patty-cake ? Well, you’ll be totally amazed when you see this video of two kitties playing the age old classic as if they knew the nursery rhyme game for real! Read more ==>

Check Out These Cats Arguing Over Pattycake

What the cats playing patty-cake are actually saying These two cats love to play patty cake, while standing up, with their bellies showing. What will make you love them even more is the hilarious voice over.


Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

Crazy Cat Lady Sign wood wall art by MittenMadeDesigns on Etsy - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!


Yes, please get a new cup every time you need a drink of water. I love doing dishes, said No Mother Ever

Iz u still mad? .... I feel like Heather Barnes will appreciate this and be one of the few people who won't judge me when I say I giggled a lot.

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Famosos y gatos

*Celebrities with cats (okay, boo, only two women made the list, but there's some pretty awesome pics)

If they are not hunting and just out for exercise - Likely his average day, and would be my greatest day ever. --- Woof!

funny dog picture of a man on a bicycle sorrounded by dozens of dogs and the caption this man let the dogs out


dogs are children? dogs are NOT children.

Breakfast in bed, kitten-style. -- WoofNWhinny*

Wallpaper and background photos of Funny Cat Pictures for fans of Animal Humor images.

The goldfish has spunk

Fails and lolz!

pics of funny dogs and cats funny cat quotes. dogs and cat. Top Ten Funny funny quotes comments 01 Or this. funny pictures of cats with.

I've seen where your hands have been!

Picdump 17.12.2010

Dont Touch Me Kid: Page from Funny Pictures Another great funny picture called Dont Touch Me Kid from lolpix.

Amusing 12 celebrity photos via LIFE magazine - Wave Avenue

i see your "kitten sleeping on laptop" and raise you Andy Samberg high fiving a MAHFUKN BOBCAT!