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Karah, just your average twenty something girl with a poor self image. I have struggled with bingeing an purging for years and I am trying to stay on track. I am trying to lose weight the healthy way. I post things that thinspire me and stuff I love.

DECORATION TIP AND MY LATEST WORK On dark walls it can be nice with light colored paintings, like this latest work of mine. The artwork and its details will stand The post New painting – There is ligh

IKEA Kallax expedit DIY cage for my guinea pigs and hedgehog. It is 17.1 sqft total for three levels; which is larger than the suggested minimum size for 4 cavies. Mine can run full tilt and love to do laps up and down the levels; this dispels the idea that each level is too "small" because they can't run. It's still bigger than a 2x6 C&C cage and all the same natural behaviors are exhibited.

Hope not. I can tell myself to wake up at a certain time and 99 out 100 I will wake up then with alarm.

one of my favourite cakes to make :) blackberry and apple, but it's so versatile you can substitute the fruit for anything you want. often I just make it with apple and cinnamon, love it!

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