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Ravenstar -tom- -leader- black and white with amber eyes- cunning, smart,swift,loyal,would give himself up for his clan if needed

**TUX: "Human, if me countz sheep befores me cat-crash; woulds me be bar-r-r-d from sleep?"

♔ Magnificent Marcel Can't help but love black and white (Tuxedo) cats. Never have known one with a bad disposition.

I would rather have a cat than a diamond

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend has never been owned by a cat.

17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat - Fun Infographic

Reasons to Own a Black Cat Animal Bliss" - a problem if you have dark carpet and walk around at night. Not true (for me anyway). I've had mine 11 years and still haven't found love.

Cats (and Other Animals) With Glorious Mustaches - Cheezburger

Cats (and Other Animals) With Glorious Mustaches

HYGGE for your cat ( +20 cat toys)  Cityscape Bliss // Naughty Felines

HYGGE for your cat🦁 (+20 cat toys & beds

Pet Photography: 7 tricks to take beautiful pictures of your cat Cityscape Bliss // Naughty felines, cat photography, black and white tuxedo cat kitten

I grew up with two 'tuxedo' cats, the idea of continuing the tradition is tempting.

There isn't an animal much better than my tuxedo kitties. We have three: Oliver (aka Little Man), Lila and Sofia.