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Found on EstateSales.NET: Empire Style Mahogany Sofa with Paul Feet, c. 1840 (92" L x 24" D)

Pompeii - House of the Small Fountain. The small fountain is located in the mosaic-covered nymphaeum. A nymphaeum in ancient Greece and Rome was a monument consecrated to the nymphs, especially those of springs. The house itself, on the Via di Mercurio, dates from the first century B.C. and is a typical atrium-style house.

Vase, Style I, from Susa, Iran, c.4000 BC (painted earthenware) Title: Mesopotamian Primary creator: Louvre, Paris, France Location: © Christian Larrieu Credit: painted earthenware Medium: grand boisseau a decor de bouquetins et dechassiers; echassier; bouquetin; geometrique; terre cuite; Mesopotamie; Suse;

Sucellus was a major Gaulish deity associated with the underworld, whose attributes include his wolf-skin garment, a mallet or hammer (now missing from his upraised hand), and a small jar called an "olla." This statuette is the earliest and finest of any known Sucellus image. The portrayal is reminiscent of Classical Greek style, and he resembles the Greek hero Heracles. The statuette was excavated from the "lararium" (household shrine) of a Roman house in France.