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Butterfly love by Dorothy Turnbull - Animals Insects & Spiders ( butterfly, painted, sky, heart, monarch, wings, butterfly picture, summer, antennas, buds, spring, flower )

by Dorothy Turnbull - Animals Birds ( ugly, licking county, vulture, feathers, bird, dorothy john turnbull photography, sky, tree, ohio, wings, bark, beak, st. louisville, dojo photo, branches )

by Dorothy Turnbull - Animals Insects & Spiders ( web weaver, yellow orb, dojo photo dorothy & john turnbull photography, female orb, web, ocean, yellow, beach, panama, orb, spinning web, dorothy turnbull, arachnid, female spider, spider, arachnophobia, dojo photo )

by Dorothy Turnbull - Transportation Automobiles ( licking county, truck, transportation, parked, stalled, broken, farm, ohio, dorothy turnbull, weeds, ford, rust, dojo photo )

by Dorothy Turnbull - Landscapes Prairies, Meadows & Fields ( thistle, post, grass, horse, carriage hill, prairie, field, fence, ohio, pole, dorothy turnbull, weeds, five rivers metro parks, dojo photo )