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The most interesting word in the English language…

I will now remember this incredibly random, totally useless information for the remainder of my days. I do good to keep up with my purse, phone & keys most days; but throw some useless/junk info at me and it's locked in there for life.


Finland knows how to do it right…

Hetalia ~~ Finland, you are VERY cool!<< WHAT?!?! I WANNA TOP HAT AND SWORD!!!! IMA MOVE TO FINLAND!!!!! Nah, I'm to lazy to move to Finland...<<<<< *looks at all of them* mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine -moge. ^.^


The real broken heart…

In biology we dissected a heart and our teacher told us that the heart strings can sometimes break after a deep emotional trauma causing the heart to lose form and as a result be unable to pump blood effectively, you can literally die from a broken heart.


Banks get a taste of their own medicine…

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Macro photography of a blood cell…

Macro photography of a blood cell // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -