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Potato Head Playskool Mr. Potato Head Monster Mash

Welcome to the Playskool official website. Find all of the latest Playskool toys and videos featuring the hottest brands like Sesame Street, MLP and Mr.

Star Trek Kirk and Kor the Klingon

Star Trek: Kirk & Kor Potato Heads-Your pals Captain Kirk and Klingon Kor are here to set the galaxy straight. The bold and brute Klingon Kor admires Kirk very much but Kirk will never submit to the aggressive and cruel Klingon ways.

For Elie Playskool Mr. Potato Head Toy Story 3 Movie - Spud Lightyear

Potato Head Toy Story 3 Movie - Spud Lightyear (Perfect for ChrisAnthony)

Star Trek Spock and Uhura

Take a look at this Spock & Uhura Star Trek Mr. Potato Head Set by PPW Toys on today!

KISS Mr. Potato Head Collector’s Set

KISS Mr. Potato Head Collector's Set

Fans of Gene Simmons and KISS are going to love this wacky set of spuds. The KISS Mr. Potato Head Collector's Set has all of the band members in Mr.

I think after Darth Tater, the whole pop culture potato head thing was getting out of hand, but this Batman version is pretty sweet.  I love the half smile/sneer they gave him.  $17.99

Hot off the truck in our Nerd Approved Shop—the Dark Knight Rises Batman Dark Spud Mr. Villains and evildoers of Gotham City, beware of

Superman Mr. Potato Head

Potato Head at Mighty Ape NZ. It's a bird, it's a plane… it's Superspud! The classic Mr. Potato Head gets the “super” treatment as Superman.