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Harris Teeter Super Doubles run last night as they were stocking the truck so I was able to get the Tide Only paid tax.... $0.94 #cantpayfullprice #lovemycoupons

Harris Teeter 9/28/14.... Everything was free only paid tax...the ZVR didn't come off for the Noxema razor... Just in case anybody thought it might. And the Olay deal is the same as last month...#cantpayfullprice #lovemycoupons #lovemyfreebies — at Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip #9 4/1/14 I think this is my last all my freebies in one order...only paid tax!!!!!!! Total Before Coupons/Discounts $64.11 Total After Coupons/Discounts $-.03 + $..70 Tax =$0.67 29 items, savings of $63.41 or 98.9%

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Week 8/13 - 8/19/2014 What an awesome week for Super Doubles. Paid $16.64 (that's including tax) for $526.37 worth of 97% savings. Used $219.96 in coupons at face value adding $156.18 more with doubles for a total of $376.14 in coupons. (Who says you can't print your own money) Matching up with VIC savings of $133.59, I had a total savings of $509.73 this week. Super happy & super tired....what a week it has been.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 4/28/14 Paid $6.84 + $.90 tax=$7.74 Total Before Coupons/Discounts $51.52 -$23.77 coupons -$20.01 Evic Savings =Total Savings $43.78 or 85% 2 Mission Tortillas Chips FREE (meal deal ) 1 Mission FREE (Meal Deal) 1 Pace 1.57 (meal deal item) 1 HT Sour Cream 1.23 (meal deal) 1 Perdue Short Cuts .75 (meal deal) 1 HT Cheese 1.31 (meal deal item) 2 Barilla FREE (on clearance) 2 Sambazon FREE 2 Weber Seasoning FREE 1 VS Hair Spray FREE 2 Mama Marys Crust .99 each (1.98)

Harris Teeter 3/12/2014 Trip #2 I only used 10 coupons on my first trip so that I was able to repeat my order a 2nd time. This order was completely FREE and I only paid the tax of .24 for $24.38 worth of product. And the broccoli is a must around here right now because Alyssa and I both are on a Broccoli Kick!!! *Note* If you are buying the snickers bars and using the .75 off 2 make sure to buy 5 and they all will be FREE!!!!

Harris Teeter Princess Anne Super Doubles 4/28/14 Paid $10.63 + $1.21 tax=$11.84 Total Before Coupons/Discounts $90.66 -$49.98 coupons -$2.00 ZVR -$28.84 Evic Savings =Total Savings $78.82 or 86.9%

These are 2 Kroger runs where I only paid tax funny thing is they are different prices on tax at two different stores $0.18 & $0.23