Grape Hyacinths Muscari Assorted Mix from Longfield Gardens

Grape Hyacinths Muscari Assorted Mix from Longfield Gardens - Can't decide which muscari to plant?

Planting Spring Bulbs in Containers. Learn how here

Planting Spring Bulbs in Containers

How to plant container of spring-flowering bulbs-DO THIS IN FALL! A striking container of spring color: Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’, Tulipa ‘Orange Emperor’, and Muscari armeniacum ‘Christmas Pearl’.

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Muscari armeniacum 'Valerie Finnis' Grape Hyacinth from Van Bloem Gardens

Muscari paradoxum  Syn: Bellevalia pycnantha. Circa 1884, its dense spikes offer pale to deep blue florets with a greenish-yellow hue. Bulb size: 6 cm/up. April/May. 7" to 8". HZ: 5-8.

Muscari paradoxum from the Van Engelen Flower Bulbs Catalog

If you're looking for hardy, no-care, "Plant and Forget" spring flowering bulbs, look no further - load up on Muscari. These bulbs are so winter hardy and easy to grow that no garden should be without them.

Best Food For Grape Vines

Hardy, no-care, plant & forget" spring flowering bulbs - Muscari are so winter hardy & easy to grow that no garden should be w/o them.

plant these in fall: yes, they are muscari,  or grape hyacinth. I have them in my garden.

Buy our fragrant Grape Hyacinth Mix Super Bag for an incredible abundance of long-flowering miniature grapelike blooms.

Hyacinth "Dark Dimension"

Never knew black flowers existed

Muscari is a genus of perennial bulbous plants native to Eurasia that produce spikes of dense, most commonly blue, urn-shaped flowers resembling bunches of grapes in the spring. The common name for the genus is grape hyacinth (a name which is also used for the related genera Leopoldia and Pseudomuscari, which were formerly included in Muscari), but they should not be confused with hyacinths. A number of species of Muscari are used as ornamental garden plants.

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Muscari grape hyacinth.

(Muscari) Grape hyacinth is bulbous perennial. Plant in full sun or part shade in well drained soil. Flowers in early spring.

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Grape hyacinths are easy to force into bloom indoors. Get how-tos for forcing hyacinth bulbs in pots, Muscari flower care tips, pictures.

Muscari paradoxum   // Great Gardens & Ideas //

Muscari paradoxum

Muscari paradoxum Bellevalia paradoxum, Grape Hyacinth, Bellevalia pycnantha Hardy Bulb A Grape Hyacinth with a difference! Muscari paradoxum bears conical spikes of blue blooms that are much darker than the commonly seen Muscari armeniacum.

White Grape Hyacinth or Muscari--4-8”, full to partial sun, plant in fall to bloom midspring; perennial

white grape hyacinths, these guys naturalize easily, fragrant , deer resistant (spring)


Hyacinth Shades of Pink. This confection of Holland's best pink hyacinths will fill your spring garden with their sweet fragrance.

Hardy orchid, full shade

Hardy Orchid

Hyacinth Orchid - (Bletilla striata, Bletilla hyacinthina) - this would be gorgeous in the new woodland corner I'm planning! So pretty and a good strong colour.

21 Spring Flowers for Your Garden

21 Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Grape Hyacinth, muscari are great bulbs for naturalizing and adding large splashes of purple color.