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Teacher: "Why do I hear people talking? Me in my head: "Because the sound waves of our voices travel through the air until it hits you let eardrum and causes it to vibrate, so you can hear the wonderful and intelligent things coming out of our mouths :)"

"People : you should speak more! *tries to speak* -Gets interrupted -Gets ignored -Everyone forgets what has been said -Slowly turns invisible"

Minion Quote | "To all those people that make me laugh and smile, I couldn't live without you." #compartirvideos #funnywhatsapp #videowatsapp

"It's attractive when someone can respond to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of getting offended like a little bitch"

Some people just need to get a life of their own. But it does make my life more interesting, just seeing how much attention they pay to me and how much they desperately need a life.

7 Qualities of A Good Friend

So true...need to learn this and make it a part of the way I think and feel...!

16 Hilarious #justgirlythings Parodies Taking Vine by Storm

HAHAHA! If you wanna talk to someone, go to a place were the people are! They'll notice you! I'm one of the quietest people, I rarely ever make a noise, but people are always talking to me because I'm over there with them.