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PANAMA: El plato nacional por excelencia de Panamá es el sancocho, una especie de cocido realizado con diversos tipos de carnes y tubérculos como el ñame, yuca y maíz; es un plato que admite de todo y se toma muy caliente.

Pesada de Nance - Nance is a tiny, round, yellow fruit. People go out in the mornings to collect it before the chickens and ants get to it. Its also corn season, whihc means people are making pesada de nance left and right: Grind corn kernels in a food mill, collect the liquid that comes out. Separately, mash up a bunch of nance, then add water and strain out the pits. Add to the corn liquid, add sugar and cook until its a thick pudding consistency. You can also make it with flour.