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Young Women - easy New Beginnings decor by bridgett

Goodie bags and rainbow mobiles for the kids to take home. Make everyone dress colorful or in one color (even better) to make their own rainbow. Have layered jelly beans, big spirally lollypops each with many colors, rainb

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Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Who doesn't like a piñata party?!  What if each piñata had a different theme with different types of gifts with exactly enough so each participant gets one.  The first could have an empty goody bag; the second could have bottles of bubbles; the third a sweet treat; on and on. Each time the piñata is broke, the kids pick up their one item and put it in their goody bag.  It sounds more fun than just getting a goody bag filled with things at the beginning of the party...right?

DIY Pink Pinata-Perfect for little girls birthday party with "pink" or "princess" theme! these would be cute lanterns in her room too! Maybe felt instead of tissue paper.

DIY Birthday Party Garland

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. Birthday Candle Garland - Alice & Lois for Julep by Minted