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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.seriously this is about what the movie amounted to.complete obliteration of the book. grr.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Lincoln chasing Edward Cullen from Twilight. This would make me want to see Twilight!

Alaric summing up the entire TVD series in one sentence

Elena and her history teacher/vampire hunter/ vampire/ uncle Alaric

*smiles quietly and inhales deeply through nose because it is past 2AM and cant overreact or else punishment takes place*

Stop bashing Twilight. There are infinitely worse books our there. That being said, this is hilarious, and I would read it lol

That would be so adorable.

*ahem* Well, actually Bella is a newbie vampire. Anyway I'll also have a newbie vampire in one of my stories (Kasumi)

The Vampire Diaries Oh Mason Lockwood....I miss you! But happy to see you on another show!!! Chicago fire and pd :))

"The Vampire Diaries" Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

I want to write a story now

I want to write a story now <<< and then they meet a super clumsy vampire hunter that keeps trying to kill them. Though, he keeps slipping up