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"Is that why I hear you kicking and screaming at night?" She asked quietly. You're a monster! "Monsters have nightmares too you know.

Great short story idea.

Rainy town writing prompt<<<and the main fashion statement is how ur outfit reacts to the rain

I know where this is from, but still. It would be great for demigods, too.

Writing Prompt - Chris tells this to her men all the time. "Don't go out there trying to be a hero, heroes never live long.

Replace the boy with girl and this could easily be my chacter

dialogue Prompt "I knew what you were from the beginning. I could smell the blood. You were born to spill blood, boy.

Preconceptions being subverted

How about a punk rock ballet dancer who listens to Celtic music and reads fantasy novels? That's me by the way, hello! I like Celtic music too!