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love the color scheme. the soft gray marble stairs with the blue paint and golden/black rails. lovely-pin it by

Helical staircase

Spiral stairs are also called fan-shaped, spiral. Spiral staircases applied to a great extent, as auxiliary or if no other option, it is acceptable stairs.

The DNA staircase  -  The Spiral Stairs at the Cancer Research Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spiral out.keep going Taken at BC Cancer Research Center in Vancouver Canada. The DNA staircase reminds me of Lateralus by Tool, one of the best damn songs in the universe.

stunning architecture photography

This post is part of a series called Architectural Photography.Architectural photography is a careful balance between the aesthetic and the accurate.

St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Lighthouse, Stairways, Heaven, Ladders, Sky, Stairs, Staircases, Paradise

Not only God’s creation, but sometimes human creations too amaze us.

This green "Eye" is formed by a tall spiral staircase in a brick tower, reaching toward the bell inside the Lamberti Tower, Verona Italy. (You are looking upward into the bell tower:) By Davide Lombardi

I absolutely adore these stairs! Danish architectural studio 3XN completed the head office for Danish law firm Horten in Copenhagen. http://plusmood.com/2009/12/thehorten-headquarters-3xn/

Ten most amazing and beautiful Stairs. From Escher-esque leanings of Architects’ pseudo-spiral staircase and the grandeur of London City Hall to the modern minimalism of Ecole’s steel stairs and the log cabin feel of Alberto Mozó’s creation.