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1950s. Variation on neo-concrete artist Max Bill who was a Swiss architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and graphic designer, who trained at the Bauhaus, under Kadinsky, Klee, and Schlemmer.

Most plays had a breakthrough in this period, in which the conventional theater became a theater with no boundaries, messy scenography and acts or scenes.

Robert Rauschenberg is more famously known for his work with collages, all his work is relevant to the era in which it was created this is mostly done through his incorporation of current events and news stories.

What Menstrual Cup Is Right For You?

Menstrual cup size chart and comparison tool. Slide image to easily compare cup shapes, sizes, and features.

Lost fragments- Failed memories by david szauder story of mr.wolf one day mr wolf wrote down too much numbers. when his memory was decoded the same numbers somehow modified his fragments.

A brand new promotional photo for BBC One’s upcoming War and Peace adaptation has been revealed. Adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 literary masterpiece by Mr Selfridge writer Andrew Davies, the six one-hour episodes will “bring the classic to life for a modern audience on a truly epic scale”. Directed by Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders), War...

'I admire Michael Fassbender enormously,' says Happy Valley's James Norton

James Norton as ex-con kidnapper Tommy Lee Royce in the 2014 BBC crime drama Happy Valley.

"Twinkle twinkle little star.. oh wait.." I love Moriarty!! He isn't the bad guy in my opinion. The freak that flicked John and peed in their fire i was joyous when he died. Not exactly happy Sherlock did it but... Beggars can't be choosers.