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Mitt definitely will drive for just a fundamental overhaul for our tax system #Mitt

"That’s the standard technique of privatization; defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital." Noam Chomsky

from the Guardian

The American election is really a battle for the future of capitalism

The American election is really a battle for the future of capitalism: Mitt Romney embodies a system dominated by financial engineering that uses companies as casino chips

from Mail Online

Surprise, surprise! How Romney would have romped to victory under the Republicans' new vote-counting plan

What could have been: If the system had been based on proportional representation and allocated electoral votes by congressional district, Mitt Romney would now be President

from the Guardian

Mitt Romney, man of the corporate people

from the Guardian

Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney in presidential race

Clint Eastwood, 82, has announced he's voting for Mitt Romney and hopes Romney will restore "a decent tax system that we need badly ... so that there's a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who's paying taxes and who isn't." I'm presuming it's dementia.

National Debt? No Such Thing - GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is among the super rich with money in offshore accounts.

from the Guardian

Mitt Romney and the myth of self-created millionaires

The parasitical ultra-rich often deny the role of others in the acquisition of their wealth – and even seek to punish them for it. Illustration by Daniel Pudles.

“Let’s be clear. Class warfare is being waged in this country. It is being waged by the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adeslon, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and all the others who want to decimate working families in order to make the wealthiest people even wealthier. In this class war that we didn’t start, let’s make sure it is the middle class and working families who win, not the millionaires and billionaires.” ~ Senator Bernie Sanders