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Weekly Pawsitivity: 02 August 2013 No matter how busy I am or how long my to-do list may be, to keep my mind clear and my soul happy I regularly hang out in nature. Sometimes we just need to let it all hang out! So, hang baby, hang. ” . . . hanging from a pine tree by my knees sunshine through the shade, nobody knows what it’s all about, it’s too much man, let it all hang out . . . ” ~John Mellencamp

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Weekly Pawsitivity: 17 December 2009 Admit it, I am one hot Lemur! And, I’m super chilly-chill, too. I mean, check out how laid-back I am about my meditation. As you can tell, I have my own way of doing it. I just find a relaxing place to kick back, and focus my Lemur energy. Seriously though, look at how totally contemplative I am! Take it from me, only you know what helps you to build your castles in the sky! “You’ve got to move it, move it! You’ve got to move it, move it!”


Weekly Pawsitivity: 09 September 2010 I’m sure I’m not bearing startling news when I remind you that sleeping is essential to a happy and healthy life. As well as regulating immune response and metabolic balance, deep sleep ensures the proper operation of mental functions such as learning and memory, attentiveness, and emotional equilibrium. Basically, sleeping helps us keep our bearings. So be like me and sleep like a baby, a bear, and a log so that you’re not sleepwalking through…

The Galápagos Islands of Equador are an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and have been declared both a marine reserve and a biosphere reserve.

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