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Difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory: clearly, alcohol dramatically affects the brain.

The liver is a complex organ that is necessary for life. The liver receives almost all the blood flow from the digestive tract; thus, when you drink alcohol which is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, the liver is going to receive most of it and is going to have to break it down and try to rid your body of this poison.

Imagine skipping the mixer and just inhaling alcohol — literally. Smoking alcohol is a new dangerous and deadly trend.

Risk Factors: Renal failure Excessive Mg++ therapy Adrenal insufficiency Laxative abuse Manifestations: Magnesium > 3.0 mEq/L Hypotension Drowsiness Decreased DTRs Bradycardia Bradypnea Coma Cardiac arrest Interventions: Decrease intake IV calcium gluconate Mechanical ventilation Temporary pacemaker