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Workers high-five themselves after successfully demolishing the 62-year-old water tower at Peter Bluesten Park in Hallandale.

The Future is Now for Sea Level Rise in South Florida - For places like Hallandale Beach, along with much of South Florida, that’s a big problem — not just off in the future, the way climate change feels to some people, but right now. The sea has already risen more than a foot in this area over the past century, and new research by Climate Central shows that some 2.4 million Floridians are at risk of flooding from even a moderate hurricane-driven storm surge.

Sulphur Springs water tower (Tampa) This was in the neighborhood where my first apartment was when I moved out on my own.


Life Guard Station, South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA

Historic Miami City Tour goes through Miami's most interesting neighborhoods as you learn about the city's history and see homes of the rich and famous! See the highlights of Miami such as South Beach, Downtown Miami, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Ocean Drive and many more!

Many of the features and carvings of the Florida's CORAL CASTLE are notable. Two-story castle tower served as Leedskalnin's living quarters, walls of 8-foot high pieces of stone, an accurate sundial, Polaris telescope, an obelisk, barbecue, water well, fountain, celestial stars and planets, numerous pieces of furniture: heart-shaped table, table in shape of Florida, 25 rocking chairs, chairs resembling crescent moons, bathtub, beds and royal throne.