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Tastefully Offensive on Tumblr

Before & After Photos of Dogs Growing Up. We love these photos as much as you guys do, so here's a new list of before-and-after dog photos for you guys to enjoy

Tastefully Offensive on Tumblr, Before and After Pictures of Animals Growing Up...

nolove-tospeak: clangnbang: eatfithappiness: epic-humor: Animals Growing Up Cuz who wouldn’t want this on their dash MY HEart JFC THE TURTLE THE BOXERS omg (via classics)

Only re pinned because I think it's absolutely adorable.

Keep the line moving, please…

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That's one BIG DOG! The dog is the same size as the horse. I bet this police officer gets some very strange looks from people when they see him riding a HUGE DOG the size of a horse.

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wanna be there with him

I loved my Georgie Porgie.he was a great St Bernard and and family pet. This photo reminds me of him.