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    Nili Brosh: The Nili Brosh Band will be back at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro Hello everyone and happy holidays! With the season of giving upon us I felt compelled to bring you an update of several pieces of good news:ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Firstly the Nili Brosh Band will be back at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro CA on Saturday Dec. 10th (8 pm). As some of you may know this is a particularly special venue for me as it is where I've seen several of my…

    Wyatt didn't realize that the local news channel would be at the contest. After he won, the reporter asked him if he enjoyed tonight and if so what his favorite part of the night was. Wyatt said he had fun tonight and his favorite part was the pretty panties his mother had picked out for him to wear. He was joking around about that, but that comment was played on the news for the next few days. The national media picked up the story and soon Wyatt became mommy's panty boy to the whole world

    NOAA's GOES-R weather satellite will soon be launched into space— becoming our nation's most advanced geostationary satellite to date. So what does that mean for you? Here are six reasons to be excited about GOES-R!

    MODELS WANTED! ALL Nationalities, Backgrounds, Ages, Sex, Religious Beliefs, Colors, Height, Weight, Political Beliefs WELCOMED TO APPLY! . . Our launch Date Is COMING SOON! So, FOLLOW US FOR UPDATES! @gthglobalps . . #modelswanted #modelsneeded #modeling #castingcall #compcard #malemodel #femalemodel #sexymodel #nerdmodel #fashionmodel #clothingmodel #facemodel #handmodel #feetmodel and more WELCOMED


    Joel Sartore's stunning portraits of animals affected by climate change

    Chinstrap Penguin - Winners turned losers: Chinstraps prefer open to ice-choked waters, so in the past 50 years of fast-melting Antarctic ice, their population boomed. But now increasing ultraviolet light exposure is killing off the algae eaten by krill (the penguins’ food source), and that means less krill for penguins to share with rebounding whale populations. Soon environmental change may beat tourism as the biggest threat to chinstraps. NEWPORT AQUARIUM, KENTUCKY

    The website of international engineering consultancy COWI, includes a detailed section relating to its corporate visual identity. The information is provided for graphic designers, agencies and others working with design, marketing or communication materials so that external partners are aware how the COWI visual identity must be respected.


    Dogs, cats, rabbits and piglets dressed up in costumes for Dress Up Your Pet Day

    Dress up your pet day .. Animal lovers in the UK soon caught on Above: A two-week-old Oxford sandy & black piglet wearing a flat cap Picture: JOHN DANIELS/ARDEA/CATERS NEWS


    Manuka honey could be even better for us than we first thought

    If you haven’t hopped aboard the manuka honey train yet, here’s yet another reason to do so: A recent study has found that its anti-bacterial qualities are so strong it could soon be used to fight hospital infections. Apparently this discovery could pretty revolutionary for those particularly at risk

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