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Mit Liebe zum Detail: Advent bei mir.. (M)ein Adventkalender.

(M)ein Adventkalender.

Phillipe Parreno, For Eleven Months of the Year it’s An Artwork and in December it’s Christmas

Philippe Parreno For Eleven Months of the Year it’s An Artwork and in December it’s Christmas, 2009 Cast and painted aluminium, glitter & bronze, 130 x 130 cm .

Sea Nomads: Bajau ethnic group, a Malay people who have lived at sea for centuries

Unsustainable sea-farers: the last Bajau sea nomads

nomad photo series - Showing us how traditional nomads in the Coral Triangle in Indonesia live, photographer James Morgan captures the lives of the Bajau Laut people in.


Julia Chiang “All For you” Installation @ The Standard NY

Julia Chiang’s sweet art installation at the Standard Hotel in New York Hugs + Kisses, 2009 (Images of this piece courtesy: OHWOW Miami) Ring Pop candy and nails.

Antoine Rose, The Shark (2012)

Bodyboard, Antoine Rose Being at the beach this week, it’s all that’s on my mind. Recently I did a post on beach photography, but hadn’t found this photographer — Antoine Rose.