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Learn how ecosystems and human system services are affected by sea level rise, higher air and ocean temperatures, changing rain patterns, and ocean acidification.

Climate change: the effects on ocean animals

While it is good news that at least some species may evolve as oceans acidify, there is still much uncertainty. How will the complex environment of the real ocean with its multitude of interacting species affect this process?

When the International Panel on Climate Change says “very likely” they mean greater than 90 percent. But researchers have found that to a non-scientist, “very likely” sounds more like a 62 percent chance. That’s a big difference.

Clue into Climate. Learn about the science of climate change–from what greenhouse gases are to how they warm the Earth–and hear from people whose work helps us understand our changing planet.

A variety of factors can increase the vulnerability of specific demographic groups to health effects due to climate change. For example, older adults are more vulnerable to heat stress because their bodies are less able to regulate their temperature.

My new favorite lesson for HS students. . .

Volunteers working together to measure precipitation across the nation.