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Stratospheric winds influence N Atlantic ocean and therefore climate- NOT ES

According to the research, ocean climate change has started since 20th 50s. There is no actual evidence about the climate before 20th, but we can see it by the Vegetation distribution, sea-level change and glacial geology. Dimension#4

The Thermohaline Circulation - The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt

Great Ocean Conveyor Belt, Global Ice Melt leads to Belt Heat Exchange failure & New Ice Age?

Diagram showing the global thermohaline circulation, which helps transport heat between the hemispheres.

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Bursting Ice Dam Flooded the Ancient Ocean

Greater scientifc understanding of Europe's second ice age and implications for today's global warming impacts on weather patterns. More water than what's in all the Great Lakes combined flowed into the Atlantic in just a few months, stalling ocean currents.