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MAGICAL Fairy Door with Quartz Crystals * a Faries Portal made of polymer clay Magic Door for Fae Folk, Pixies, Gnomes and Elves

MAGICAL Fairy Door with Quartz Crystals a by TheCaterpillarQueen, £11.95

Fairy door..I keep seeing all this stuff about Fairy gardens. I think Clara and I need a Fairy garden this year :o)

Witches Fairy Door MAGICAL with Pentacle and key * Faries Portal of polymer clay * Magic Wooden Door for Witchy Folk, Pixies and Gnomes

Pink Fairy Door MAGICAL Faries Portal made wood style polymer clay, Tiny snai lMagic Wooden Door for Fae Folk, Pixies, Gnomes & Elves

Forest gnome- woodland fairy door

fairy doors for tree trunks | FOREST GNOME WOODLAND FAIRY DOOR by CLOUDFAIRY on Etsy

Gnome doors, Fairy Doors, Faerie Doors, Elf Doors, 9 inch

You could put these little doors anywhere to make a fairy home. Another site that wouldn't let me pin gave some instructions: The making of the fairy doors Here are some progress photos. Sculpted in 4# Polyurethane foam and hand painted with acrylic latex. The hardware is made with Sculpey and also painted. The medallions are jewelry findings

Fairy Door, fairy garden halloween miniature, pumpkin orange with bat, accessories for fairy garden, accessory for terrarium, miniature bat