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A local domestic violence awareness group

A local domestic violence awareness group

#domesticviolence #dvam Call the ACTS domestic violence crisis line at 703-221-4951. Support Action in Community Through Service... https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1426967

Wheel highlights the long-term effects of various types of abuse on children. If we can't keep our disagreements civil and constructive, we must keep them away from our children!

Great infographic about making a Domestic Violence Safety Plan.  Repinned by Betsy Smith Counseling & Consulting.  Pinterest.com/betsysmithlpc/

Are you wondering if your relationship might be Consider making a safety plan. This infographic can help you through the planning process: good for helping people leave abusive relationships.have a plan

Domestic violence is a serious problem in the U.S. that can take many different forms. The types of abuse include physical (hitting, slappin...

Domestic violence is a serious problem in the U. that can take many different forms. The types of abuse include physical (hitting, slapping, shoving, etc.), sexual (coercion of sexual contact or be…

Domestic Violence Awareness. This is a hurt like no other and one of the hardest to escape alive. I spent 8 years being physically, sexually and emotionally abused. When I tried to leave I was threatened with my life, stalked and abused again, but this time I physically fought back only to end up in jail for assault based on his bogus police report.  He took everything from me except for my life.

Psychology infographic and charts Domestic Violence Infographic Description What You Don’t Know About Domestic Violence – Infographic -

What is Domestic Violence? - Central California Family Crisis Center

The Cycle of Violence: Honeymoon Phase, Tension Building, & Acute Explosion. Applicable to Intimate Partner (AKA: Domestic) Violence

Children and Domestic Violence. Think about your own childhood.

Think about how deep the effects of domestic violence reach, how it effects the whole family, how it changes lives forever

Dealing with a toxic relationship is hard work, and no survivor can go it alone…

12 Ways to Support Abuse Victims

Use the empowerment approach when speaking or working with survivors of sexual or domestic abuse: don't tell the survivor what to do, but be supportive and provide resources, allowing the survivor to make his/her own choices.