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Uncertainty about agricultural impacts is not an excuse for inaction on climate

Infographic: Charting the history of agriculture and climate change. The infographic was created by Farming First, a coalition of farmers associations, engineers and scientists, in partnership with the CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research program (CCAFS) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).

Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Agriculture free ebook


Report: Climate change could devastate agriculture

Report: Climate change could devastate agriculture. A new USDA report outlines some seriously scary impacts climate change has begun having on agriculture.

Animal Agriculture & Environment/Climate Change

AGRICULTURE IS GODS GIFT TO HUMANITY Investing into forestry will be a huge means of addressing the nation’s emerging environmental, social and economic challenge. Nigeria is blessed with a large expanse of land and different vegetation types that are not sustainably used or managed, with the attendant impact of climate change.

WeFarms Quora for farmers scales up in Africa with $1.6M from LocalGlobe Agricultural tech or Agtech for short has gradually become a fascinating vertical for startups. Its a huge traditional market just waiting for the new tools provided by the cloud. In Europe a huge food producer its of particular significance. But its in emerging markets that it could have the biggest impact. Something like 500 million small-scale farmers around the world provide over 70% of the worlds food. But up to…

Along with other agricultural impacts, climate change may have a dramatic effect on the world's most famous winemaking regions in coming decades. Areas suitable for grape cultivation my shrink, and temperature changes may impact the signature taste of wines from certain regions.

FoodSpan is a free curriculum about sustainability & the food we eat. Its standards-aligned lessons geared towards Grades 9-12 empower students to make healthy & responsible food choices. FoodSpan’s 100+ activities tackle real-world issues like climate change, the environmental impacts of agriculture & much more!