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Meet me at Borgias by *PeteAmachree on deviantART

Discover a selection of recent artworks made by Pete Amachree Textures and Digital Matte Painter at MPC

Death Desertul Orasele Europei - buildings made to look like a desert

rcruzniemiec: “ Agbar Desert Aigües de Barcelona commissioned this ad with the tag line “Our water is thirsty”. I thought is was a captivating image where the desert becomes the rooftops and the.

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Bethesda Officially Confirms Prey 2 Cancellation - Bethesda confirms that Prey 2 is no longer in development at Human Head Studios.

Capsule Hotel Agora Deus Ex 3 by Gryphart on DeviantArt

Capsule Hotel Agora in Lower Hengsha. Deus Ex Human Revolution Concept by Eric Gagnon

Times Square 2099 : Cyberpunk

Times Square 2099 : Cyberpunk