He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is.

Darth Vader Ice Cube Tray

Made from high quality silicone rubber, visit the dark side as you make Darth Vader chocolate, soap, jelly and ice with your novelty Darth Vader Ice Tray. All shaped in the image of the Dark Lords helmet!

Add a touch of class to every drink with the Titanic ice cube mold, and relive the glorious failure that was the Titanic. Included in this offensively clever ice cube kit are the molds for the Titanic ship itself as well as and the merciless iceberg.

Titanic ice tray is the best way to bring legendary sunk Titanic back to our time. Break the titanic ice cube tray and prepare a vacation.

Moule à glaçon PAcman©

Pacman - Merchandise - Ice Cube Tray x Pacman, 4 x Ghost Ice Cubes)

Have the Robot Bitches over for drinks with these! @Kimmy Reed @Nicole Provencher @Liz Schmidt @Angela DelVero

ChillBots, retro robot ice cube tray -- totally ordered this today for freee!

FRED Chillbots Robot-shaped Ice Cube Tray

Jessica -robot molds for jello, ice, chocolate

Portal Ice Cube Tray By Think Geek New  Gift

Portal Ice Cube Tray By Think Geek New Gift

Marvel Heroes Ice Cube Tray: Thing's face, Iron Man's helmet, Captain America's shield and Hulk's fist.

The Marvel Heroes Ice Cube Tray is a flexible rubber tray that will form eight fun Marvel Comics'-themed ice shapes when it's filled with water and frozen.

Magic Wand Ice Trays - imagine the possibilities!  Chocolates on a paper straw, Jello, soap, crayons...

ice princess ice cube straws "For your zombie fairy witch princess" hahahaaa

Classic Game Controller Silicone Mold for Collectibles | GameStop

Gamer Mold Lets You Make Sweets in the Shape of Classic Controllers

It’s Good To Be A Geek – 50 Funny Pictures www.facebook.com/pages/Focalglasses/551227474936539 Best Vision in The World!

Funny pictures about Star Wars Yoga. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars Yoga. Also, Star Wars Yoga.

Cool ice cube trays

Cold Hard Cash ice cube tray by gamago

Critical Hit d20 Ice Mold

ThinkGeek :: Critical Hit Ice Mold with chocolate for my gaming guys?

Star Wars Ice Cube Tray Mold

Star Wars™ Ships Ice Cube Tray from Lakeland

Forma de Gelo e Chocolate BATMAN - BeeK Geek's Stuff

Batman Logo Silicon Ice Tray - Your sub zero hero


Some pi cubes for your holiday beverages


Tetris-inspired ice cube trays- OMG Want!