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Once you come to this point, it is when true healing can begin and you learn who your core people are who will carry you through. There is nothing wrong with admitting you can't do it all. That is true strength. I cant do this anymore

"So what's your girlfriend like, Mikey?" Donna asks, leaning over slightly, smiling eagerly. "Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty." He replies with a grin. She gasps but laughs.

Frankly, it's my biggest pet peeves. It's one of the biggest problems in this world. Please just don't

the pain of the truth is better than a lie. A Lie is salt on top of a wound.the salt is the lie.it hurts more and prohibits healing.


From Sarah Richardson Design for sharing this great quote on the first day of fall. Goodbye summer, you were incredible.and hello fall!

Yeah, Charlie. I know how you feel. Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Feeling Lonely Quotes the truth is, when it gets really quiet, when the silence gets too loud, i really start to miss everyone.