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where's waldo tattoo - or is it Lionel Ritchie Tattoo?? ;)

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Your vagina looks like a pair of pliers and a colored onion?

Bad Tattoos: 11 More of the Worst in Stupidity

Why would anyone do this? I think this is the WORST idea for a tattoo I have ever seen and I have seen some interesting tattoos! So confused about why you would do this!


It was love at first sight, and then another, and another . each time it's the most special, at least until the next one. This cheeky Tattly by James Victore is for people who love hard, and fast.

..and I'm definitely not jealous....LOL

Total TATTOO tragedy (31 photos)

I think they meant "jealousy's the ugliest trait" as in "jealousy is" not "more than one jealousy"

And eventually, someone, somewhere, ends up with a tattoo like this, that gets more and more wrong the longer you look at it.

35 People Who Failed So Hard It's Actually Perfect

Bon Jovi fan gets worst tattoo that reads, ''it's is my life' - Jon Bovi'