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Identity lost - Ashkan Honarvar portfolio

Lapwings from the Sky's their Highway by Charles Tunnicliffe - Wood Engraving - 1938

formelle: Black Optical Follow : more than 10.000 posts of vintage lifestyle, design, fashion, art, cars, architecture, music and stuffs

TANSY FAIRY ~ In busy kitchens, in olden days, Tansy was used in a score of ways; Chopped & pounded, when cooks would make Tansy puddings & tansy cake, Tansy posset, or tansy tea; Physic or flavouring tansy'd be. People who know Have told me so! ... today, Still I'm here by the King's Highway, Where the air from the fields is fresh & sweet, With my fine-cut leaves & my flowers neat. Were ever such button-like flowers seen-- Yellow, for elfin coats of green? Three in a row --I stitch them so!

a girl cut out, and you can only see the top, so it looks like, she is sucking the picture of the road, so there going into a "black hole"

Gideon Cross - Bared to, I am not sure what to say here, I am tongue tied. :)

from thetattooedgeisha

The exceptionally talented ROSHAR

Great concept of something/someone coming out from behind a mask. Could be applied to many things. Also shows transformation

Type - oversized stamps cut out of cardboard, fomecore illustration board etc...

"Stiles: All right, dad, if one's an incident, two's a coincidence, and three's a pattern, what's four? Sheriff Stilinski: Four's enough for a warrant."