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They call her piti blan. Small white. Our challenge is going to be to reign in her diva-ness because she is getting a little too used to way too much attention:)We stood in the market out in the village trying to buy shoes because we had forgotten flip flops for her.  Lena is looking at the shoes and holding them up to see if they will fit.  I look up and see that 30 people have surrounded the wooden table all watching Lena pick out shoes and giggling as she put the ones that she didn't w

The Tate Gallery By Tube; by David Booth of the agency Fine White Line, 1986. ‘The Tate Gallery By Tube’ poster was commissioned for Art on the Underground, a poster-commissioning initiative launched in 1986. | Forgotten London Underground posters - Telegraph

Medieval Gothic Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire, England

Glasgow Central Station, 1955. In 1953, an average of 55,887 passengers used Central Station every day, travelling south and west of Glasgow and to Edinburgh via Holytown or to London Euston via the west coast of England. The Royal Scot was the most famous of the London services and departed from platforms 1 and 2.

An Old Church Under A Dark Sky Northumberland, England

Initiation Well located at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal contains a descending spiral staircase which leads to a variety of exits.

from Yellowtrace

Nerding Out on Shit Hot Ceilings

old factories turned into lofts.

...abandoned frozen house - guess they left because they couldn't pay the heating bill.....