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Miniot cover for iPad air & mini

Slat-Tastic: The New Miniot Wooden iPad Mini Cover

I love my Portenzo case, but if it gets beaten up, I'd go this direction next time.

Ardium iPad Mini Case

Ardium iPad Mini Case -- our first iPad Mini case is finally here! ^_^ one for the normal iPad

Fancy - iPad Keyboard Case by Crux

iPad Keyboard Case by Crux

I will save money to buy an IPad and a macBook before the end of Hope so *fingers crossed*

Plain - Bamboo iPad Mini 2 Case

Primovisto's Bamboo iPad Mini 2 Bookcase is crafted by them in their workshop and is made from natural bamboo, it is a beautiful protector of the iPad

Shoulder Strap Carrying Case for iPad Mini by Sherpa Carry - Midnight by Sherpa Carry, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ARK7Y6G/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_GPALrb1J3G2SY

The Sherpa Air is a shoulder strap field case for the iPad Air . Benefits of the Sherpa include. Hands free mobility for your iPad Air on the go.

Mount your iPad to any metal surface.

You Can Stick It Anywhere: The World's Thinnest iPad Mount

1Lss  Launches MagBak for iPad - MagBak has been labeled as the world’s thinnest mount for iPad. It’s so thin, it is difficult to ever guess it is a mount. It inherently mounts to most metal surfaces without adding any significant bulk or thickness to the device. | Desire This

1Lss Launches MagBak for iPad