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Helene of the North (1915) Poster

Helene of the North (1915)

With Marguerite Clark, Conway Tearle, Elliott Dexter, Robert Rogers.

Trouble Makers   (1917)

Trouble Makers (1917)

Desert Law (1918) Poster

Desert Law (1918)

A mother hires an ex-CIA man to find and bring back her son, who has been abducted by his father and brought to Morocco, where his grandfather, the ruler of a desert tribe, wants him to become his successor.

Patsy (1917) Poster

Patsy (1917)

With June Caprice, Harry Hilliard, John Smiley, Edna Munsey.

The Imp (1919) Poster

The Imp (1919)

Watch The Imp Hong Kong Movie. Ging-Keung encounters sinister turns of fate where he works, and he becomes frightened enough to consult with a Taoist priest. The priest informs him that his workplace had been the site of murdering.

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918) Poster

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918)

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb Mary Pickford

The Blue Bird (1918) Poster

The Blue Bird (1918)

The Blue Bird (1918) Poster

The American Beauty (1916) Poster

The American Beauty (1916)

With Myrtle Stedman, Elliott Dexter, Howard Davies, Jack Livingston. The infant daughter of a wealthy couple is thought to be lost at sea, but she survives and is raised by a poor family.

Ad for Bettina Loved a Soldier, 1916

Movie Poster of the Week: “Bettina Loved a Soldier” and the Bluebird Photoplay Ads of Burton Rice on Notebook