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If I were a millionaire

If I were a millionaire

A gigantic two story closet for your infinite collection of shoes, clothes and more shoes

31 Of The Coolest Things For Your House If You Win The Lottery

Two-Story Closet! (A bit more than my one-story dressing room, but maybe I can get some design inspiration anyway.) Two-Story Closet!

Somebody got in touch with me recently to complain about me promoting my Instagram courses at the end of a podcast episode. It wasn't what she listened for apparently. I was surprised and a little disappointed. To me it seems obvious: if you regularly consume and enjoy somebody's free content you don't get to complain about the occasional product mention or sales email. I love what I do and would probably do it for free if I were a millionaire but sadly I'm not and all those books don't pay…

Julia passed a topic my way a few weeks ago: What does slow living mean to me? It was a question posed by Emma, and pretty timely: slow living is my aim for and seems to be pretty du jour acr…

If I were a millionaire and getting married, I would wear this. (Badgley Mischka Spring 2014)

Badgley Mischka Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week

Badgley Mischka Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection.I would wear this as my wedding gown

Recording Studios | RWT Design & Construction

Home and Commercial Recording Studio Remodels - Burbank, Los Angeles - Home Decor

Truth. If I were a millionaire but couldn't have a dog, I'd give up my millions.

The Love of a Dog ♥ beats the hell out of a Swiss Sheep Sheepherder. Ha ha I can say that 'cause I'm Swiss (-:

#Ladybadass #WarriorHeart

Inspirational Quotes About Strength : QUOTATION - Image : Quotes Of the day - Description Sharing is Caring - Don't forget to sha

medieval inspired design... this room shows its roman inspiration in the way that the tree columns arch to a point at the ceiling

Trees in church-like room - cool stuff I must admit. Because the branches absorbe the noise, the turquoise room will be a nice hall to live in! the trees are neat!

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-- Ahhh when we are billionaires we are going here. Burj al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Very smart use of a circular space: longeing ring in the centre, hotwalker around the outside. Put a roof over it for year-round use. Amazing!

Horse walker on a track, surrounding enclosed lunging ring.until your horse figures out that if they stand still the bar moves right over them and they won't have to walk.

In-Home Lazy River, probably just for the summer house..looks good but @art property says it would be musty..

Lazy river inside the house? melisari Lazy river inside the house? Lazy river inside the house?

Millionaire’s Shortbread. Britain’s triple-decker combo of buttery cookie, sweet caramel, and dark chocolate makes a perfect holiday gift. But only if every layer is flawless. To ensure flawless results, we had to come up with a foolproof method for each layer.

Millionaire’s Shortbread. Britain’s triple-decker combo of buttery cookie, sweet caramel, and dark chocolate makes a perfect holiday gift. But only if every layer is flawless. To ensure flawless resul (Best Chocolate Gifts)

Let's face it -- we're a nation of spenders. The average American household carries nearly $10,000 in credit card debt, according to CardTrak.com. Yet, despite the widespread availability of credit and pressure to keep up with the Joneses, there are those among us who choose to live debt free. So, here's a ten-step strategy to rid yourself of bad debt -- for good. It's an oldie, but a goodie. If numbers on... FULL ARTICLE…

7 out of 10 households live pay check to pay check. 8 out of 10 households, in upscale neighborhoods, live pay check to pay check.

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