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1st May, 2942 [The Hobbit] Gandalf and Bilbo return to Rivendell at the end of Bilbo’s unexpected adventure

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New "Hobbit" Trailer Debuts, But It Lacks One Very Critical Element

Bilbo and the butterflies - from the new trailer. This makes me really happy :)

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julia on

I want Bilbo's robe.

I have the same problem, Bilbo!

25th April, 2941 Gandalf first sees Bilbo Baggins after years of absence from the Shire and approaches him about going on an adventure [...]

Here's some Bilbo Baggins artwork from my favorite Tolkien artist on DeviantArt.

May 2941 [The Hobbit] We know that Thorin and Company departed from Bywater on April 27. In the following days, Bilbo started to understand what it meant to go on an adventure: many walks and few meals–very few by Hobbit standards.