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All the time we are surrounded by small things, things which we rarely pay attention to. If we would stop to watch them just for a moment surely we would be amazed. #frases

Lo tienes dentro de ti y es para crear tu vida, para elegir la dirección y manifestar tus sueños. Tu actitud y percepción determinarán su flujo. #frases #español

They are called problems. In reality, they are lessons. The most difficult are the most important. When a lesson has not been learned, this repeats over and over again, until you understand. #frases

Heroism begins with a victory over yourself. #frases

Spirituality is something that is part of us, as well as our conscience or a vital part of our body. Spirituality is not something that is followed, is something that comes from inside. Spirituality should not be a doctrine but a way of life. We are all spiritual, sadly not all walk through the life of the hand of spirituality. You can do it, you have the way. The link to everything that you gave rise is within you, find it. #frases

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Cuando tienes una innegable sensación de emoción y el deseo de ir hacia adelante; fluye con ella. Es tu alma en fuego; avivada con tu pasión. #frases