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list of artist

List of major art movements (should print it out and give it to art appreciation students as a heart-attack inducing study guide;

REFLECTION (based on Blooms Taxonomy) REMEMBERING (What did I do?) Describe what you did: UNDERSTANDING (What was important about what I did?) Describe what was important about what y...

art analysis worksheet with lots of questions about content, form, process, mood.appropriate for anglophone teens, but could be simplified with easier questions in French for children

Resource: Artist Statement Worksheet - reflection sheet art education, art lesson review

Resource: Artist Statement Worksheet I like some of these questions, but would have to add more higher order level questions to gear it to high school students.

arts and math common vocabulary  @Cherri Rutan @Janice Cole

Speaking a Common Math Language-Education Closet

Create Art With Me!: Artist Statement Form for Middle School

Artist statement, Help your students learn to self-assess and RESPOND to their artwork: Create Art With Me!: Artist Statement Form for Middle School

Art studies

Guide to writing art criticism. May be helpful to art appreciation students.

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Artist Research Homework Sheet (Made by Miss Allen) Could use on art cart with books or bio sheets available

Arts Common Core. Hooray!!!!! Pretty soon I'll get to study and apply my OWN Common Core inatead of having to go through everyone else's! While my lessons have some from the others,  it'll sure be nice to have standards created especially for what I teach. :D :D :D

National Common Core Arts Standards: website mock up and framework.will be needing something like this soon.

StrongStart: 'Tin Foil MonoPrinting...good idea so that there's less clean up- just throw foil away after

Tin Foil Painting- roll paint onto tin foil and then draw with a qtip :) I know this is really meant to be an art project, but I like this idea for writing and spelling practice.

sgo target infographic

The ART of Setting Student Growth Targets

General idea for Are you struggling with developing an SLO/SGO (Student Learning or Growth Objectives) this year? Check out our helpful infographic for developing a target that MAKES SENSE for the arts!

I wrote this song to help my students remember The Elements of Art. It's catchy. And kitschy. Now you can play this song and save your voice from having to sing it over and over again!

The Elements of Art Song with Lyrics, A Sing-A-Long for Art Class

I wrote this song to help my students remember the Elements of Art. Lyrics are displayed as the kids sing.

Create a Syllabus That Your Students Will Actually Want to Read - Click to download free syllabus checklist!

There is one thing that I always dread on the first day of school… explaining the class syllabus. There is something so mundane about reading a repetitive, lackluster document to your students.