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Cartographic Grounds: Projective Landscapes

Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary: Slideshow: Places: Design Observer - Detail, Karte der Gegend um den Walensee.

Refuge / 20x30" / ink on matte mylar

A specific interest in migration patterns developed alongside a general suspicion of statistical knowledge and the way subjective perceptions of our world can end up imposing one “reality” on impossibly diverse alternative truths. This natural tendency t…

Galería de Casablanca II / Teresa Moller - 6

Galería de Casablanca II / Teresa Moller - 6

Casablanca, Landscape, Scenery, Searching

Offshore petrochemical facilities, Gulf of Mexico

Petrochemical America: Picturing Cancer Alley

Network of pipelines off shore of the Gulf Coast area of Texas and Louisiana. From the book Petrochemical America

gauthier durey - landscape urbanism Interpretive mapping attracted:

<Interesting way to incorporate context to plans, could be useful for historical context> Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape urbanism interpretive mapping’, Digital collage.

tracing paper, ink, black, layers

Layering of illustration, experimenting with the opacity of stock. Gives the impression of perspective.

Floor Plan

El Litre Memorial / Matías Leyton

Image 30 of 30 from gallery of El Litre Memorial / Matías Leyton.