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Oneness is a matter of Sinking Deeply into the Triune God until We’re Mingled with Him

It is quite interesting to see how the oneness in the Triune God is typified by the oneness as seen in the tabernacle in Exodus 26, especially in the gold overlaying the standing boards and causing them to be one - this shows us that oneness is nothing else but sinking deeply into the Triune…

The Oneness of the Body of Christ is the Enlarged Oneness of the Divine Trinity

There are many wonderful aspects of the tabernacle in Exodus that are types of our Christian experience, and one of these is that the tabernacle typifies the oneness in the Triune God. Oneness in this universe is God Himself; only God is one, and the oneness in the Triune God is the unique and most…

Being Overlaid with God as Gold to Practically Keep the Oneness of the Spirit

The oneness of the boards of the tabernacle was not in the acacia wood but in the gold that overlaid the wood; this portrays that the oneness in the church is not in our humanity but in the Triune God with His divine nature (John 17:21). The oneness of the boards was not only in the gold, signifying God, but also in the shining of the gold, the expression of the gold, signifying the glory of God; our oneness today is in the Triune God and in His glory, His shining, His expression (vv…

Being Perfected into One by Gaining More God as Gold: Oneness is in the Triune God!

The more we are overlaid with gold, the more oneness we have. Nothing can damage the oneness that comes from our being overlaid with an ample quantity of gold. The more we have of God, the stronger is our oneness. Witness Lee

Oneness is a matter of Sinking Deeply into the Triune God until We’re Mingled with Him

Oneness is a matter of sinking deeply into the Triune God until we are fully overlaid with gold; our problem is that we are short of God, and our need is to gain more of Him. Everything depends upon how much gold we have; we all can become dissenting if we are short of gold. The only way to be kept in this solid, real oneness is to have an adequate amount of the experienced God. Witness Lee

Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, the Ground of Oneness

We need to realize that the church today must be in oneness and must be built on the ground of oneness. The genuine oneness is the ground of the church. May the Lord grant us more light concerning this precious oneness. Witness Lee. More at

Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit by Practicing the One Accord in the Church Life

To keep the oneness, to apply the oneness, to use the oneness, to enjoy the oneness, to spend the oneness, we need to practice the one accord. However, we should practice the one accord not only among the saints in our particular locality; we must practice the one accord among all the churches universally. Witness Lee. More at

How Amazing it is that the Triune God is Embodied and Expressed Through the Church!

The day that the tabernacle was raised up, that the cloud descended and covered it, and that the glory entered and filled it was a great day. Never before had the Triune God been embodied on earth; the embodiment of the Triune God was God’s goal throughout Genesis and Exodus (Gen. 1:26). The tabernacle covered by the cloud and filled with glory was a great blessing to the children of Israel, but today we have the reality of what they had only in figure. Witness Lee. More at

Seeing that Life and Building are the Basic and Central Revelation of the Bible

Life is the Triune God embodied in Christ and realized as the Spirit dispensing…

The Spirit Anoints us for God’s Building and as the Cloud He Leads and Guides us

The Triune God was embodied in Christ as the tabernacle for the purpose of dispensing Himself into His redeemed people for their enjoyment of all the riches of His being. Witness Lee. More at