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The Turn A laying the smack down! Did I fire five hundred or six? you gotta ask yourself...

The GM Cannon, a fire support MS. Good luck finding a model of this guy. I've been looking. (dramatic sigh)

The Turn X. One of my all time favorite designs. In the far future, the Turn A destroys the Earth and the space forces (a future zeon) build this to try to stop the Turn A. It failed. Now the Turn A is being used for good and the Turn X is with the villains. It's limbs and head detach and act as bits that can attack from all angles.

The EMS-10 Zudah, an experimental mobile suit early in the One Year war. In the trials this thing ran against the Zaku to decide which would be put into production. Though the Zudah here was better, the Zaku was chosen because it didn't explode with pushed too hard. Kind of a draw back there. It was top secret but later on Zeon brought it out and tried to present it as a brand new Mobile suit for propaganda purposes.

The EZ-8. When his Gundam Ground Type was messed up, they didn't have the spare parts to fix it so they used whatever they had lying around.