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The Black Caucas attitude is one of the Black Communities problems!Has the Congressional Black Caucus Lost Its Conscience? | New Republic

Has the Congressional Black Caucus Lost Its Conscience?

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Needs to Cut Ties to Companies That Benefit From Black Suffering Your Take: Corporate influence on the political process is often in direct conflict with the interests of black communities.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a large part of the problem!!  Instead of promoting All Lives Matter, they continue to focus on Black Lives only.  And the problem is 10% gun control, and 90% racism and a community of out of control young criminals in the making.  This caucus should be ashamed of themselves!  Seek wisdom and understanding, don't just have displaced bitterness!

Congressional Black Caucus Says 'Enough Is Enough' With Police Shootings

This week, Apple's iOS 10 beta was released, Tesla Autopilot went under scrutiny and the tech world responded to the devastating shootings and protests that.